I was just recently introduced to your organization after being in here for over a decade. I'm currently in solitary confinement for a year and desire reading material. My friend seemed to have a lot of the Penguin Classic Series and I started to read some and was struck by authors of the Age of Reason and metaphysics such as Voltaire and Rosseau and Goethe and Hume. If you have any of those authors, or Francis Bacon, George Berkeley, Thomas Aquinas, Plutarch or Tacitus, I would appreciate it."

"My main interest is Science Fiction that has to do with space and/or futuristic other worldly life. I am also an aspiring writer (short fiction and Sci-Fi novels), and would like to get published one day. I was told that the best way to write is to do a lot of reading in the subject that you are writing. I would be interested in receiving books about Science Fiction or Fantasy."

"I am in Restricted Housing for the next 280 days. The library only issues us 2 books per week and the selection is not very good. I have no money and no one to send me any. I would be grateful if you would send me any kind of suspense books you have available at this time."

"I am a musician and I play guitar. Would it be possible to send me music books? I also read novels, mostly westerns."

Thank yous

"I received my first books six months ago. I read them all cover to cover. They were like a miracle to me. See, I am indigent, with no family. As a result I have no TV. But that's OK because I love to read. I have since passed those books on to friends and they promised to do the same.  Keep up the good work."

"I received the book you sent to me today - Jefferson and the Rights of Man. I wanted to write and thank you! I began reading this book today, and it's fascinating. Thank you very much. What you do is amazing and appreciated greatly."

"I simply love the books you send me. They are always interesting. Could you please send me some more? I share anything you send me with my friends here at Houtzdale."

"Thank you for your important help. This is the 17th year I've been at the penitentiary. Were it not for books I'm pretty sure I'd be hopelessly insane or dead."
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